Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland

How we faced the challenge of redesigning a website for The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland to meet the needs of many different audiences.

Out with the old

The existing site for the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland was used extensively by members and the general public, but had become cumbersome, out-of-date and hard to navigate. As with all projects, we began with a kick-off meeting in which we used exercises to elicit the organisation’s goals and produce user experience maps. We incorporated extensive user analysis and design to make sure the new website would be engaging for members as well as being up-to-date and easy to use. Because we are customer-focused we put ourselves in their shoes first and think through the user stories of people visiting the site. Only then do we consider how we will meet these needs through the website.

Audience Analysis

User profiles were used to describe the various target audiences/groups that would visit the website, enabling content and navigation menus to be segmented based on individual requirements. By the end of this initial scoping stage, it became clear that the new site needed to give potential members of the association the sense that joining was going to benefit them. A website can be a major selling point for membership if it effectively communicates to users how its functions and content support their needs while making their lives a little easier.

Content ideas

The members account area needed to add value to the proposition of joining the association. We developed a member dashboard area where users could get an overview of their activity and their recommendations/subscriptions for particular content. For example: at registration, a user may indicate that they have a particular interest in Bowel Cancer. That triggers a panel on their dashboard that streams the latest news and events tagged with Bowel Cancer, tailoring the content without the need for heavy interaction from the user.

As part of the development our team devised a completely new system for organising content across the site. Using keyword searching and tagging we were able to ensure the user always finds helpful results.

database application

Alongside the re-think of the website we were also asked consider the re-development of a bespoke membership management system to replace the existing outdated and hard-to-use database. Our aims were to provide the Association with full control over membership accounts and, more importantly, ownership over the data. We also spent time reviewing their specific requirements to customise the data fields. Our solution had to integrate with the website seamlessly (e.g. members no longer leave the website to update their membership profile) and can be easily adapted to grow with their needs.

Long term connections

We’ve now formed a close working relationship with the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland and have become a trusted partner on a wide variety of other projects.

We are very happy to keep working with Mixd and to recommend them to other organisations, especially related to healthcare.

Mark Coleman The ACPGBI