#Mixdmas in Berlin

20/12/2018 by Rory Ashford-Bentley

2018 has been an incredible year for Mixd, probably our busiest year to date:

  • We have built and launched many fantastic projects
  • We relocated from Harrogate to central Leeds
  • We gave lectures at Leeds Beckett University
  • We put on our free 3 day workshop ‘Work In the Web’

To thank the team for their hard work and dedication we wanted to do something extra special to say thanks and so we planned an adventure to take the whole Mixd team to Berlin for a christmassy weekend of food, excitement and laughter.

Airport Signpost that reads 'gates 1-32'

Brandenburg Gate

Our first sightseeing location was the iconic Brandenburg Gate. We were very fortunate to arrive at dusk just as all the lights were beginning to blink to life. During our visit Europe’s largest menorah was on display just inside Brandenburg Gate and with the lights dimming and evening rolling in it looked incredible.

Brandenburg gate at night time

Europes largest Menorah in front of Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag building

Home of the German Parliament, we enjoyed the juxtaposition of the classical architecture against a backdrop of modern brutalist design. Outside the steps of the Reichstag building was one of the biggest Christmas trees we have ever seen, the photographs really don’t do it justice. By the time we left we were all feeling the Christmas spirit.

Reichstag building, Berlin.

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, wie treu sind deine Blätter.


We ended the days festivities at the famous Alexanderplatz Christmas market where we enjoyed some traditional Currywurst, watched the Ice Skaters and bought presents from the many luxury hand made gift stalls.

Alexanderplatz Christmas market

Berliner Fernsehturm

To really soak in the wonder of Berlin we headed up 207 meters of Berlin’s famous TV Tower to the observation deck where we got the most incredible view of the city. We soaked up the sights and enjoyed a singer-songwriter performing seasonal songs in the sky bar while we played games picking out famous locations across the city skyline.

Berlin Tv Tower plus a window reflection

Shot of Berlin from above

Checkpoint Charlie

To satisfy the history buffs within the team we headed to Checkpoint Charlie, a former Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Germany.

Checkpoint Charlie gatehouse with people dressed as soldiers holding an American flag

The entrance to the Checkpoint Charlie museum

Say cheese!

Berlin is such a breathtaking city filled with culture, architecture and design we almost forgot to get some photographs of us enjoying ourselves!

Alex, Phil, Ed, Mike Fran and Erin walking through Alexanderplatz

Mike and Phil preparing to drop the hottest rap album of 2019!

Phil Shackleton and Mike Danford, directors of Mixd

Saturday night at Scotch and Sofa. We spent the evening chatting, laughing, playing silly dare games and having fun.

Phil Mike and Ash enjoying a drink in a dark bar

We ended our Christmas celebrations together at the Berlin Ice Bar. It may have been -10C but we enjoyed some music, drinking out of ice glasses and dancing.

Phil and Mike in the Berlin Ice Bar

That’s a wrap!

So #Mixdmas was the perfect end to an excellent year at Mixd. We already have big things planned for 2019. Our new offices are almost complete and we have some exciting projects ready to begin in the new year!

Plane wing shot during sunrise